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**RECIPE TAKEN FROM These simple-to-make kitchen wipes are the perfect example of a great all-natural alternative cleaning product! #1) They are REUSABLE, #2) they’re RECYCLED, and #3) they’re completely CHEMICAL-FREE. 1. Take an old t-shirt (or PJ’s, or whatever) that is bound for the donation bin, and cut it up into “rag-size” cloths. 2. Pour 1 cup warm water, 1/8 cup (or 1 ounce) liquid castile soap, and 5 – 10 drops of your favorite essential oil into a jar with a tight-fitting lid. 3. Place the rags into the jar with the liquid. (I think I ended up with about 8 or 10 rags.) Put the top on the jar (or whatever lidded container you prefer) and turn upside dow

Dangers of Household Cleaners 101

Ingredients to avoid and why NOTE: is the best website to get neutral, balanced reports on your favorite cleaners. It is important for you to know WHERE I GET MY FACTS, and that site is one of the first places I visit. Did you know...the average household contains anywhere from 3 to 25 GALLONS of toxic materials, most of which are in cleaners. (gasp!) Currently, no law requires manufacturers of cleaning products to list ingredients on their labels or to test their products for safety. It’s up to you to make sure your home is not only clean, but also SAFE! Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to identify which products contain these hazardous ingredients. While cleaners are the only househol

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