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Organic Gardening Tips

Its February! We have 1 thing on our minds around here...OUR GARDEN! We start discussing which vegetables we want to grow, which ones we want to preserve, our layout, and plan of attack. Which brings me to our topic for today: NO TILLING GARDENING.

For several years we've enjoyed our 100% organic garden. Last spring/summer was our first 100% organic and Non-GMO garden, which was even MORE exciting. Change is good, right?

This year, we are "upping" our game again by trying out a NEW (to us, at least!) gardening method. More specifically, we are going to try the NO TILL GARDENING METHOD. This is a totally RADICAL way of viewing land management. I've said for years, the best gardens have the best soil. That is why every year we have tilled in compost, not knowing that we were possibly doing more harm than good.

My husband is a scientist. Gardening is "his thing". He tenderly cares for his plants, starts them all from seeds, and is always evaluating through trial and error how we can improve each year. This will be an very interesting "experiment" for us and I sure am hoping it works! While I LOVE getting my hands and feet in the dirt, I'm not near as gifted at the entire process from start to finish as he is. My main job is to harvest and preserve...and make some really incredible dishes for the family.

If you would like to learn more about the no-tilling method of gardening, click HERE for a great article on transitioning over. Happy Gardening! Check back as I will post organic gardening tips all through the season.

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