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What does our Basic Clean include?


First and foremost, we offer a 100% organic cleaning experience.  With our sustainable practices and high standards of excellence, we go WAY beyond "green."  With the use of our ORGANIC cleaning products, our trained cleaning professionals deep-clean your home from top to bottom. PLEASE NOTE:  WE ONLY USE OUR OWN PRODUCTS AND ACCESSORIES/CLEANING UTENSILS. (We provide our own mop, vacuum, cloths, etc.) Each home will have fresh, clean microfiber cloths and new vacuum filters so there is no cross-contamination. 


With Groovy Organic Cleaning Co., we know every homeowner and business will have a different set of needs, which is why we proudly offer customizable cleaning programs. 



Our cleaning professionals will use Happy Heart Home Products to bring you the very BEST nature has to offer. We say NO to chemicals, NO to waste, NO to harmful ingredients that directly affect your family's health. Our cleaning products are 100% biodegradable, 100% organic, and 100% environmentally friendly.  


We pride ourselves in our attention to details, our friendly/warm staff, honest business practices, and 100% satisfaction! Still not convinced? WE ARE AN INSURED COMPANY. While this may not be something you'd put on your list of "must have's" when looking for a cleaning professional, it should be! This protects both you AND us and shows our commitment to go above and beyond the norm.


*Refer to our Add-Ons for additional deep cleaning options, or call us with your questions so we can best suit your needs.  


BASIC PACKAGE INCLUDES (but not limited to):


Our team will often start in this area of your home and will focus on your counters, cabinets, floors, backsplashes, faucets, sinks, exterior appliances: dishwasher, refrigerators, stove, oven exteriors, floors and more. Please note that we do NOT clean INSIDE appliances unless that has been added prior to time of cleaning service.  (Flooring:  we edge, vacuum and mop). 



As one of the dirtiest parts of the house, we give a lot of attention to the bathroom(s). While there, we clean basins, sinks, bathtubs, tiles, faucets, counters, mirrors, towel racks, cabinets, and floors. We will wipe down and clean inside of showers, but for an intense detailed shower scrub, please be sure to request that prior to your scheduled clean. 



Your bedroom should be your sanctuary! Let our team make it look beautiful. When we visit, we will make your bed (or change sheets if you provide clean ones), clean tables, lamps, furniture, floors and more!


Living Areas 

In your living room, we will clean all furniture, vacuum / sweep, and dust.


ADD ON's:  You can add on the following a la carte:  baseboards, pantry wipe-down, inside refrigerator, inside microwave, detailed shower scrub, window blinds, and more.  You pay PER HOUR, so fee depends upon how much longer it takes us to complete each task.  

1st Cleaning Fee:  At your first cleaning, we pay EXTRA ATTENTION to details by giving your home a very thorough deep clean. Because of this, it not only takes us longer, but there is almost always TWO employees instead of 1.  This is an important part of our process and ultimately it helps YOU because it keeps YOUR cost down in the long run.  Be prepared to pay more the first clean.  

Organic Cleaning Services

Home Organization

Not only do we provide top-tier cleaning services, we also provide professional organization services! If you have an area of your home, or maybe several areas that you find need special organization attention, we can help! We will work with you to develop an organization system that will work for you and your family! There are no cookie cutter answers - each family has different organization needs! After developing the system, we will come in and completely renovate your space! No more frustration from not finding what you are looking for! Everything will be clearly organized and easily identifiable!

Organic Cleaning Products and Services in Kansas City

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